Base running

by B. Walker
(Barneveld, WI, USA)

Runner A is on first base. Player B hits a fly ball to the outfield and it is dropped. In the process of running the bases, player B runs past player A while going to second base. Player B realizes she is ahead of the of player A and retreats back towards first base before she touches second base. Player A then runs to second and then third base, while player B advances to second base. Are both players safe?

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The Runner is Out...
by: Dan

Hi B,

Thank you for your question. The only thing that I can find regarding the situation you laid out is:

Rule 8 (Batter-Runner and Runner) Section 8 (The Runner is Out) D: When the runner physically passes a preceding runner before the runner has been put out. NOTE: If this the third out of the inning, any runs scored prior to the out for passing a preceding runner would count.

I cannot find anything about Runner B moving back behind Runner A. I also cannot find anything about creating a dead ball situation (Rule 8, Section 7) and requiring Runner A to go back to first. So, based on only finding this relevant to your situation, it would seem that Runner B is out, and Runner A is safe at third.

I would welcome the umpires out there to give their ruling.

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