bases awarded on a deadfall throw out of play

by mike moran
(brooklyn ny)

bases loaded, ball is pitched and the catchers attempts to chase the runner on 3rd back to the base.. while doing this she throws the ball and it is deflected by the 3rd basemen and rolls into dead ball territory.... where do the runners on base end up ???

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Bases Awarded on Dead Ball Throw
by: Dan

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your question.

Per Rule 8 (Batter-Runner and Runner; Section 6 (Runners are Entitled to Advance without Liability to be Put Out); G When the ball is in play and is overthrown (beyond the boundary lines) of is blocked. EFFECT: All runners will be awarded two bases, and the award will be governed by the position of the runners when the ball left the fielder's hand. Runners may return to touch a missed base or base left too soon. If two runners are between the same bases, the award is based on the position of the lead runner.

The runners on second and third are awarded home and the runner on first goes to third.

Hope this helps,

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