Batter walks off

Fast pitch softball if the batter walks off the field before they are done batting are they out. Also the next batter steps up to bat and three pitches are thrown before the previous batter realized she didn't finish. The ump stopped the batter who was up, let the previous batter who walked off come back and finish and then went back to the other batter and cancelled the 3 pitches thrown and started over. Is this right.

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Batter is Out
by: Coach Dan

I have never seen this. Generally, once the batter walks out of the field of play, she is out. Was it the umpire's mistake and he/she was trying to rectify it?

Batter entering dugout
by: Anonymous

A batter that has not yet completed their at bat is not out for entering the dugout. That rule only applies to batter/runners and runners who leave the field of play and enter the dugout during live ball. The umpire should have called the batter back to the plate to complete the at bat. But, having allowed pitches to be thrown to the next batter, depending on the sequence of those pitches you either have a walked batter or a batter who struck out. The umpire created a situation that isnt exactly covered in the rules by not bringing the batter back out to finish the at bat. It now becomes a judgement call on the umpires part on how to correct the situation with as little damage as possible to both teams.

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