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I have 13 girls on my team . Several of them haven't ever played before . The other teams in our league have only ten players. My question is this what would be the best way to play. I ve tried letting them play batting through the roster and it will not work . My top 6 players only getting to batt one time sometimes two

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Roster and Playing Time
by: Dan

Hi Coach,

Your question is an interesting one. In my mind, it comes down to your coaching philosophy. What is it you are trying to achieve as the primary reason for your team: Teaching or Winning? Sometimes you can achieve both, but in your case, with a number of "new to the game" players, you may have to choose between the two. If you are all in on teaching, then giving everyone playing time is where you need to go (of course practice is the most important way to get the less skilled players up to speed with the more highly skilled and if players are missing practice, this should impact playing time). If winning is what it is all about, then focus on the six plus add in three from the other seven.

If you are talking about a younger age bracket team (6U, 8U, 10U, and 12U), usually this is more about teaching. Older is usually more about winning, especially if this is a travel team. Again, this is your choice.

Number of players on the roster is also a personal choice. Even when I coached travel teams, we usually had about 12 players on the roster. This was to insulate the team against injury, absense, rotation for tournaments, etc. Again, this is a personal choice.

So, Coach, what is the goal of your team? And make sure you communicate this to players and parents so they understand playing time and team performance.

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Best of luck with your season!


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