Where do the infielders cover on a bunt?

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My views on who covers where
by: Coach Dan

Thank you for your question. I was involved in a similar discussion on who should cover where on a bunt on Twitter not too long ago. I will give you my view first and then lay out what another coach, who I respect, laid out.

Assuming there is a runner on first and less than two outs, I have my pitcher, third baseman, catcher and first baseman charge the bunt. The second baseman covers first, the shortstop covers second and my leftfielder covers third. The thinking for having the leftfielder cover third is that she should be flowing that way naturally anyway, and this is to deter the runner at first (and the third base coach) from even thinking about going to third.

Now, my fellow coach had a different view. She has the pitcher, first baseman and catcher charge the bunt and the third baseman stays back to cover third. Or, as an alternate, have the third baseman charge and have the catcher cover third. The thinking here is the catcher can get to third before the runner on first can go from first to third. She wants her leftfielder backing up in the event of a bad throw. She also wanted someone covering third who is used to playing the infield and taking a throw and putting on the tag. My thought having my leftfielder camped on third is that there is no need for a throw because the runner (and third base coach) has already been convinced to stay at second.

So that is two views. Use what works for your team. If others have a different view, please join in!

Kind regards,


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