Called out

by Brooks
(Florida )

There are two outs with a runner on first. Pitcher pitches the ball, runner on first attempts to steal second. The batter foul tips the ball and the catcher catches the ball. The umpire then calls the runner on first out. Why

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Foul Tip
by: Dan

Hi Brooks,

Took me a little while to find the rule that applies here. Under Rule 8 (Batter Runner and Runner), Section 7 (A Runner Must Return to His Base), A. When a ball is foul.

Based on this, unless the runner left early (left the base before the ball was released from the pitcher's hand), the runner should have been sent back to first and not called out.

Good luck with your season,

Foul tip vs. Foul ball
by: Anonymous

The question said foul tip. Foul top is a live ball and runners can advance and also be thrown out. The response was about a foul ball. The question was about a foul tip which are very different situations.

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