Catcher Calling Time to Prevent the Steal

by 12u Coach

Can a catcher call time after a walk? Since the stealing 2nd rule is in play, can she call time and walk out to the pitcher and runner has to stay on first?

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Steal Rule
by: Coach Dan

Hi Coach,

Thank you for your question. I must say that I never came across this, as runners at 12U were allow to begin their steal at pitcher's release. I imagine that you must be playing in a league that prohibits steals until the ball crosses the plate. Even on that basis, I do not know how the catcher can call time out before the runner starts stealing second. Also, technically, the play is not dead until the ball is back in the circle with the pitcher.

In any case, I am sure you can try that play, but I would guess the umpire will catch on pretty quickly, and not grant the timeout. Again, for this to work, the umpire would have to grant the time out. Other than that, I am not aware of any rule specifically prohibiting this play.

Good luck with your season,


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