Catchers thumb

My daughter is 16 and catches for a very good pitchers. She is having problems with her catching thumb. She is using a thumb guard now. We have had a few people suggest her using a firstbase mitt. Any suggestions?

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Catcher's Thumb
by: Coach Dan

Thank you for your question. It is great to have a top flight pitcher on your team, but if she throws a heavy ball or has great velocity, and the catcher is catching the ball off her thumb, it is bound to have sore results.

You said that your daughter is already using a thumb guard, so that is not the answer. There were also suggestions to use a first base mitt. Believe it or not, the first base mitt may be the next thing to try. The reason for it is that with the oversize webbing, your daughter will be more likely to catch the ball in the webbing and avoid the pounding on her thumb.

The other advantage of the first base mitt is because it is light and easy to move around, the catcher will have an easier time adjusting to the movement of the ball, be it a deep sink of the drop or the upward path of the rise. This movement is compounded when the better pitchers start their combination pitches like the drop-screw or drop-curve.

I hate to tell you to buy another mitt, without giving it a try first, so you might ask the first baseman on your daughter's team if she can give the first base mitt a try. See how your daughter reacts to using the glove and if she is just as comfortable catching and at the same time taking the strain off of that battered thumb.

Let me know how it works out. It will be good for other catchers who find themselves in the same predicament.

Kind regards,

Catchers Thumb
by: Ric Leczel

Use the 1st base mitt! My daughter had the same problem - the thumb guard was too clunky and kept falling out of the the catcher's mitt. She switched to a 1st base mitt, and has not had a problem.Good luck!

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