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bases loaded one out soft liner over shortstop she dives catches ball but it pops out when she hits ground confusion on bases shortstop picks up ball and tags runner between 2nd and 3rd runner on 3rd scores shortstop tags runner between 1st and 2nd for 3rd out does run count?

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What happened first?
by: Dan

Coach D,

Thank you for your question. The answer lies in what happened first. Did the runner touch home plate prior to the shortstop tagging the runner between first and second for the third out? If the runner scored first, before the tag, the run counts. See Rule 5 (The Game) Section 5 (Scoring of Runs) B
No run shall score if the third out of the inning is the result of: (2) A runner being put out by a tag or live ball appeal play prior to the lead runner touching home plate.

The other question that may apply is if infield fly or intentionally drop ball is declared. See Rule 8 Section 2 I (Infield Fly) and J (Trapped Ball/Intentionally Dropped Rules). The way you described the situation, it does not sound like this applies.

Best of luck with your season,


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