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When the 1st baseman is right handed and playing even or up with the bag, how do they get to the bag? Do they spin around or drop step to base? Are there videos of this?


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Find the base ...
by: Dan


It has always been my belief that I want my first baseman to find and get to the base first, especially if I am coaching younger players. Once they get to the base, I do not want her setting her foot until the throw is on the way so that she can adjust accordingly. If the throw is off to the right of center, I want the left foot to be touching the bag. If it is off left of center, I want the right foot holdin the bag. This is to maximize the stretch. If it is right at her, then she should hold the bag with the opposite foot from her glove hand to maximize the stretch.

One other thing, if the ball is thrown wild and she can not reach it when holding the bag, get off the bag and make the catch. This is the #1 job of the first baseman. Better safe at first than on second because of a throwing error.

I have not come across any vidoes showing the proper technique for a first baseman to get to the bag, and would welcome the input of other readers and coaches.

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