by chuck berry

a batted ball, line drive, strikes the pitcher and then bounces between short and third and hits a baserunner advancing from second to third. What is the call?

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Fielder then runner
by: Coach Dan


Thank you for your question. Well, my first question is whether the pitcher is okay or not. Regardless, the basic rule is if a fielder had an opportunity to make a play on the ball prior to it hitting the base runner, then the base runner is safe to continue, even if it does hit the runner. It is also a live ball which means base runners can take as many bases as they want.

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Runner hit by deflected batted ball
by: Anonymous

It is going to depend on the rule set. USA softball, if the ball is deflected and the runner could not avoid the ball there is no penalty, it is a live ball. In NFHS and USSSA a batted ball deflected by the pitcher is still considered to be an initial play by the fielder who the ball was deflected to. If the ball hits the runner after being deflected by the pitcher, the ball would be dead and the batter out for being contacted by a batted ball.

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