With Runners on first and second and one out the home plate umpire calls ball for it is really bo3 and both Runners move up from first and second the second and third and the home plate batter goes to first after controversy with a coach the Umpire decide it was only Ball 3 my question is do the runners that were on first and second have to go back or do they stay on second and third since it was a live ball?

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When ball 4 is really ball 3
by: Dan

Once the umpire realizes his/her mistake, I would guess that he/she would consider it a dead ball situation and have the runners return to their original bases (first and second). As you point out, under Rule 8 C, on ball four, the batter-runner is awarded first base, but, in Fastpitch, the ball remains in play. In 8-6, it also states the ball remains in play when the runner is forced to vacate the base due to a walk. I cannot find any place what happens if an umpire makes a mistake. As both runners advanced without risk as they thought it was ball 4, I would imagine the umpire would put things back as they were, which is at his/her discretion. Again, I could not find a specific rule stating that, but hat is what I would guess since the other team did not try to throw the runners out as due to the called ball 4.

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