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Coaching fastpitch softball can be fun and rewarding. The key is to develop a competent plan for your coaching philosophy: how to run the game situation and how to run your practices, all the while making sure you keep it fun for the players and that they continue to learn about the game, but more important, about themselves.

Throughout Fastpitch Softball Coaching, we have shared our point of view, but it is important that you find a philosophy that works for you. The resources on this page address many basic softball coaching needs, from technical and tactical training to creating fitness programs to how to create sound fundamentals. At the end of the day, however, it is up to you to decide what best fits your coaching style.

Any coach can digest the information on the pages of this site or the resources listed below and still not be a good coach. They will be a great tactically, but have missed the whole point of coaching. The key is how you connect with your players and parents. How do you set a tone that your rules are to be followed without being perceived as a dictator or playing favorites. This will be your single greatest challenge: To keep a balance between control of the team and making it fun for ALL of the players, so players and parents alike will want to return to your team year after year. This atmosphere of learning and fun (and success) must be the envelope for all of your softball knowledge, both tactically and strategically, that you will utilize both during games and practice. It is important to “know the game”. It is even more important to create an atmosphere of fun and success. And “success” is not measured solely by wins and losses. The growth of each player on the team from the beginning of the season to the end is also a very important measure.

Learn all there is to learn about the game, but do not forget to be you!

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Understanding the basics of the game when coaching softball will help add credibility for you and the coaching staff. What coaching aids have you found useful in developing your coaching style?

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