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Coaching softball requires knowledge in many different aspects of the game. Properly teaching your pitchers and catchers is fundamental is leading to your team's success.

The pitching videos provide a great deal of information to help you in coaching your pitchers. They go from the basis motion and windmill delivery to how to add speed to the fastball. In addition, there are also tools dedicated to specific pitch types, like the drop ball, screwball and rise ball. These tools should be considered only after the basics have been mastered with the fastball.

Coaching catchers the correct way is also extremely important. There are several tools which address how to go about teaching the basic fundamentals of the catching position. A good catcher can cut down many options for the other team, like base stealing and bunting, so having your catcher fundamentally sound is extremely important.

In addition to the mechanics of pitching and catching, it is extremely important to keep both players heads in a positive spot. How you approach your team will be a key element in creating a basis for a positive experience. It is also important to know your player as individuals so you can head off a negative mind-set before it has an opportunity to set in. As your catcher is, in essence, the coach on the field, given her ability to see every play, and the pitcher is essential to the success of the team; both positions must be handled in a way that exemplifies how you want your team to run.

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If there are tools you have used with your pitchers or catchers with great success, share them here.

When coaching fastpitch, properly teaching your pitchers and catchers will be very important to the long term success of the team. Do you have other pitching and catching teaching and training tools you would recommend?

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Do you have another great softball coaching resource that you would like to share? Doesn't matter the medium: book, video, e-book, or whatever. If it worked for you it probably will help someone else, so please share it here!

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