by Mark Smith

If there is a runner on third and the defense gets the second out but thinks it's the third out and throws the ball back to the pitcher she throws the ball down and starts off the field can the runner run and score?

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Defensive Team Leaves Field with 2 Outs
by: Dan

Hi Mark,

I am looking for a specific rule in that instance, but cannot find it. That should be a dropped ball, meaning it is live and the runners can advance. The closest I could find is Rule 6 (Pitching Regulations), Section 11 (Dropped ball) If the ball slips from the pitcher's hand during delivery a ball is declared on the batter, the ball will remain in play and the runners may advance at their own risk.

The problem is this does not exactly fit the incident you described, as the pitcher was not pitching to a batter. I am sure there is a rule about abandoning the field, which allows the runner to advance as this would be a live ball. I just cannot locate it.

Good luck with your season.


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