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My daughter's softball coach (Bantam age 15) insists on her catching behind a batter while using a pitching machine. She's been hit in the head three times. I approached the coach about it and she said that this was common practice and that my daughter is well protected with equipment and it shouldn't hurt her. I've never seen a pitching machine used with a catcher before is this really common and safe practice?

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Not seen that before ...
by: Dan

Concerned Mom:

I cannot think of any time in all the years of coaching where we put a catcher in during batting practice with a pitching machine. The girls would go and collect the balls when the buckets were empty. Maybe the coach is trying to simulate a real game situation?

I have heard of leagues that use a pitching machine at the younger ages, like at coach's pitch leagues, but I would be surprised if they did have a catcher in there.

To me, I do not want my catcher getting hit in the head. I don't care how much equipment they have on. It is still a blow to the head. I am NOT a doctor, but I would think that could still cause a concussion.

I am reaching out to someone who sells pitching machines to get his opinion. I'll let you know. In the meantime, would be interested in others opinions.

Kind regards,


Hits to the Head
by: Anonymous

Hits to the head should be avoided at all costs. This is clearly a situation where those hits could be avoided.

Pitching machine & Catching
by: Kevin

In more than 20+ years in Coaching I've never seen, nor have I ever used a catcher behind the plate while using a pitching machine. I have on occassion used a machine to help teach a catcher how to drop and block, but it was never at a high speed setting.

I think it's best to just do it the old fashioned way and have your girls "rack" the balls when you run out. This is my opinion of course.

bossing not coaching
by: fastpitch whisper

Alot of coaches want to boss kids not do what right.The right thing to do is let the catcher catch the pitcher in batting practice.

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