Daddy's Girl.

by Cassidy Stinton
(Easton Md.)


At one time, she looked cute as a button, dressed in pink with ponytails with visions of Alice in Wonderland. She played with dolls, helped mom bake cookies, and has probably earned a few bucks baby-sitting. She has been, and always will be daddy's little girl.

She still has all those little girl attributes. The only difference is now she looks cute dressed in sliders and shorts. If she is wearing ribbons in her hair, they are team colors. She still bakes cookies ... team bake sale. And she has probably earned a few bucks ... at the team car wash. Now she is, and always will be daddy's little second baseman (or insert position of choice).

She takes pride in how much dirt she can collect every weekend. Go to dinner on a night that she is not playing and it takes an hour of primping to get ready, and she still feels self-conscious. Go after a game and she'll walk right into a restaurant with a streak of dirt across her forehead, ratted hair, stained shirt and brownish/white socks. Or brown toes with sandals! Let's EAT!

She is ready and willing to play at the drop of a hat! If she can get away with it, she will play on two teams. (In the same day no less) She has a huge wardrobe: plenty of tournament shirts and shorts from all the teams she has played on. Her parents do her school shopping every weekend at the tournament T-shirt booth. When you say, "wear something nice", she thinks it means a tournament shirt without dirt stains.

She needs to get an athletic scholarship. Her parents have spent $100,000 on camps, private instruction, batting cages, gloves, bats, equipment, uniforms, player fees, concession stands, travel and lodging. THEY'RE BROKE!!!

She is a fierce competitor, willing to stand in against a fast pitcher at close distance that even pro baseball players would have trouble hitting! And she might be 5'2" and 100 lbs. soaking wet. She might play first or third base at 20 feet from home plate, saying I dare you to bunt ... drive one down my throat!!!

She has more spirit than maybe any other team sport. At least it sounds that way. Softball is the only sport where a girls ability to cheer sometimes
effects roster decisions. She can't bunt or hit, she is a liability in the field ... but she cheers constantly! She is playing the game for all the right reasons! SHE LOVES IT! She could hang out at the mall, stay home and watch TV, or spend her summers at the pool. Instead she has a tight schedule with limited free time, hangs out on the practice field with a coach in her face, and spends her summers getting baked on a 95 degree field with no shade. Maybe we should get some of our kids checked for IQ? :)

She has her priorities in order: Tournaments, League Games, Team Practices, schoolwork, individual practice and batting cage, family, private softball instruction, church, conditioning, softball camps, boys. (Maybe church comes before the batting cage.) At least on Sundays.

She is diligent and hardworking. She knows you get out of something, what you put into it. She is not the type of kid to take the easy way out! She is competitive, not willing to give up. She learns many valuable lesson during the course of her softball career, like:

  • You can stay at Holiday INN for $12 bucks a night if you are willing to go 4 to a room.

  • Hotels don't monitor pool usage, and you can go swimming anytime, whether you are a registered guest or not.

  • Continental breakfast means: 3 bowls of cereal, bagel, 2 donuts and 4 glasses of OJ.

  • Unlike the geographically challenged, softball girls know how to get from home to every field in a 25 mile radius.

  • Last years sunflower seed that she found in the bottom of her bat bag aren't too bad if she washes them down with enough Gatorade.

  • Never wash your socks when you're on a winning streak!

  • Never wash your socks when you're on a hitting streak.

  • Never wash your socks after you've scored the winning run, scored any run, or were close to scoring a run.

  • Never trust a mother who says she won't wash your lucky socks.

She has a lot of fun every summer, enough to make her come back next year regardless of all the sacrifices, the money, the occasional bad coach, the occasional injury, drinking water that people have put their hands in, etc.

But first and foremost, the Typical Girls Fast Pitch Softball Player is somebody's little girl!

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Daddy's love
by: Louisiana

When my daughter was a baby I never minded getting up in the middle of the night with her when she needed a bottle, was sick, to change a diaper or just wanted to play. This is being a Dad.
She began playing T-ball at age 3 and started playing dixie and travel ball coach pitch at 6. The days are long and hot in the Louisiana heat sometimes playing 7 games in one day. Abby is 10 now playing live arm and loves it.
I have always coached her team and this means being at the park extra early for tournament sign up and staying late to load up equipment or listen to complaints from parents when their child didn't play as much as they would like. This is being a Dad.
Although she has years of playing left I can see the day coming that ball will be over and it's coming too quickly but as long as she loves the game her mom and I will go to the ends of the earth to support her.
This is being a Dad.

lovely young lady
by: Anonymous

So proud of here she is such a awesome kid and beautiful young lady

So true
by: Anonymous

This is so true. It brought back so many memories.

by: grandma donna f

When my granddaughter McKenna K. was so little she would stick her out the door in the summer and say it's too hot and would not go outside to play. Now when I see her play on a really hot summer day and she is all sweaty and her face is so red from the heat, I think back to the days when she was just a little girl and would hold me hand so I wouldn't get lost at the mall. I am so proud of my granddaughter and the beautiful young woman she has become. I know that wherever life takes her, she will do great and we will all be so proud of her. Love you much, gma

by: Kayla😘

Kassie...I love you so much and you are a very amazing,committed,and smart softball player. I remember in 8U being in the parking lots seeing how much dirt we had in our cleats! I don't think we've changed a bit,it was great playing softball with you! 😘😊

Daddy`s girl #00 my eyes always on you my hero
by: Anonymous

This is so true thank you for posting this I coached for 23 years, my son and my daughter soccer, ice hockey, boy`s and girls soccer and ended up with girls fastpich softball rec and travel. Would not take any amount of money for what we went thru.... family time, team time, freindship time.

Lover of doftball
by: Nana

This is our granddaughter for sure!! She loves softball and she got 1/2 a scholarship to Oliver College. We r do proud of her :):):)

The softball life
by: Angela

We like all the other parents reading this have been there done that. Our daughter started playing at the age of 8 and travel ball at 9. She has lived, slept and ate softball her entire childhood so far. She will be turning 16 this year and we wouldn't trade one single moment of it. From the state winning team at age 12 to Nationals in Louisana,the early morning Saturday wakeups,to the midnight Saturday nights playing under the lights in the championship game of just one more tournament. I could only imagine what our bank account could be if it weren't for the cost of this game. But, what I would not have would be the memories and the bond that we share with her. It is a bond that I never experienced as a child. There is something to be said of a family that can spend all that time in a car together and not throw one another out on the highway. The game has taught her so much about life as well as both of us. She excels at everything she goes to do because she has been taught that without work and the want to you will never succeed. I know girls that haven't played softball also turn out to be fine young ladies but I wouldn't trade one minute of the softball life and neither would her daddy. The blood, sweat and the numerous tears have ALL been worth it.

Daddy's Fastpitch Little Girl
by: Softballm1508

My daughter started playing this wonderful game at the age of 4 & continued to play throughout college. She started playing travel ball at the age of eight. She played every summer, attended every camp, had the best equipment, & played on the best teams. She is now 25 and what we wouldn't do to turn back the hands of time & do it all over again. The friends we all made, & the memories we share all worth millions. My daughter was lucky she got that scholarship. We could have payed her way through college for all the money we spent chasing it. All that money was well spent & worth gold. Enjoy the time mom's & dad's that your daughter is playing because it goes by way to fast!! ⚾️

Daddys Girll
by: Thelma Brymer

This says it all. Just like my "Kacy"....... She was exactly all that and more. Her Daddy was everything to her, and he to her.
She is an only child. They traveled all over to her Games. And was involved in all Sports. She was and is so devastated to lose her Dad. She is my "Angel", as well as his and her Moms.

by: David D

I watched my "little" girl go through this from 6 to 18.... All the way to Varsity in high school...All true... Including the famous "it only hurts when I run"... Misty eyes because she is now an attorney and coaching her first team to the All Star Tournament ... She's still my little girl 😀

Great article
by: Proud Softball Mom

I was a softball mom, manager of teams and supporter of girls softball. My daughter played from the age of 5 through college, and as an adult coaches and umpires. She played on two or three teams at once (school, travel and league) and loved every second. It was a great experience and I think, only a couple of times, regrets.
I miss those sweaty, red clay covered girls - playing 3-7 games a day in hot Florida summers. I miss those days, but made life long friends through the years.
Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories. I am so proud of the girls that I have known through softball.
A proud softball mom!

always daddy's (baller)I mean lil girl
by: #20 mom

We are blessed to have 3 girls! For their Daddy softball is his turn to have fun too. He started coaching my middle one in TBall this season was 7th season and He still there beside her. And now our 5 year old is playing she was the youngest in 8u girls but she's a baller and Daddy's little girl! Allof this is soo true. True softball player's dont just play ball. Softball is their LIFE!

Tears of joy
by: Adam

My wife sent this to me while I'm at work. Just reading this makes me so proud of my girls who played or still continue to play. I just hope they have fun and enjoy every minute of it because they will miss it once it is gone.

Nicely said
by: Tom

I read this as I sit here at the Comfort In watching my softball head daughter sleeping her hotel bed just hoping we get this day of games in without another rainout.

I Couldn't Have Said It Better
by: Dan


I had started commenting on all of the softball quotes, but stopped because the sheer volume got ahead of me. This one, however, bears commenting on. I am sure there is not a single dad out there who has a daughter who played softball that doesn't recognize this as their daughter. I certainly do ... Twice ...

Throughout this site, you have seen pictures of my daughters at various stages of fastpitch softball, in addition to several players I had the opportunity to coach ... like a whole other set of daughters ... and the grit and determination is something I recognize in your quote.

You know, I think, even though my oldest daughter hasn't played fastpitch since she graduated high school and is now graduated from college, I bet I can go up in her clothing drawers, even though she now lives in NYC and still find some of those tournament shirts you mention.

BTW, your picture was the perfect accent for the quote ... a catcher, no less. Thanks for conjuring up great memories! You made my day.

Coach Dan

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