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by Dave

What are the rules regarding switching which side of the plate you are batting from during an at bat. Can you hit left hand for a few pitches and then switch to right handed with 2 strikes?

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Batter switching batter's box
by: Dan

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your question. I cannot find a specific rule on this, but the closest I found was Section 3 (Batting Position) D: The batter shall not step directly in front of the catcher to the other batter's box while the pitcher (FP only) is taking the signal or (SP only)is in position to pitch, or any time thereafter prior to the release of the pitch. Effect: The ball is dead, the batter is out and the runners may not advance.

So that being said, key phrase is, for fastpitch the catcher has begun delivering the signals.

What I have seen, and this goes back to when my daughter was slapping from the left and hitting right, if the batter had two strikes, she would call time out and inform the umpire that she was switching to the right side. This was prior to the catcher starting to signal. In other words, right after the pitch and after the catcher throwing the ball back to the pitcher and prior to the pitcher getting set on the mound. The batter then would walk behind the catcher and umpire to the other side of the batter's box. As the ball was dead at this point, there was not an issue.

Hope this helps and good luck with your season.


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