Dead ball

by Jim Clark
(Birmingham Al)

Runner on 2nd. Batter bunts the ball. Home plate calls dead ball. Ball hit batter outside of box. Runner runs to 1st. Runner on 2nd advance to 3rd. 2nd basemen comes of 1st because ump calls dead ball. Coach appeals to field ump. They talk and said ball didn’t hit batter. Everyone is safe. My question is that right even though ump called deadball and defense quit playing.

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Dead Ball
by: Dan


There is not a rule a kind find that talks about what happens when an umpire rules a dead ball and then later reverses it, but I would tend to agree with you that once the umpire declared a dead ball, that should have been the end of the play, even if he/she ruled incorrectly. The closest thing I can find is Section 8: A Runner must return to his base, but it does not address the issue about what happens if the umpire changes his mind on the dead ball ruling after declaring the ball dead.

Rule 9: Dead Ball - Ball in Play the ball is dead and not in play in the following circumstances (m) When any part of the batter's person is hit with his own-batted ball, while still in the batter's box.

This is what the umpired called in the game you are referencing, but it is silent on a reversal. Sorry I could not find something more specific.

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