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Throughout, we’ve shared various softball drills and coaching techniques. A question came in recently on the Ask Your Softball Question page asking how many players are typically on a softball team. I responded that it was generally 13 – 15 to account for injuries, multiple games in a day and weekend (tournament play) and for a variety of other reasons.

On our FaceBook page for the site, we got a passionate response from a player that it should be no more than 12, and ideally 11, as this will afford plenty of playing time for everyone. It would also avoid the problem of players being unhappy because they didn’t see the field enough and would also force players to be versatile. It is my view that 12 is probably about the right number, with 11 a bit thin and 14 – 15 too many.

Given that encounter, I thought it might be good if we developed a few polls and sought your input. It will take you less than five minutes to do. All you need to do is click on the line (radio dial) that is closest to your view on the topic. Getting a view from everyone will only serve to aid in coaching success, answer a few more coaching questions, and ultimately make it better for the players.

So if you are a player, don’t be afraid to answer give your point of view! Players, you play the game and have a perspective that will help with coaching training. It will only make the game better.

NOTE: To see your vote, refresh the page. And don't forget to vote in all of them.

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Do you have an idea for another Softball Drills and Coaching Techniques poll? Send us a note at our Contact Us page and we’ll add it to the questions below. Don’t forget to give us the multiple choices (must be multiple choice format).

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