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Fastpitch softball equipment does not begin and end with bats and gloves, so we would be remiss if we did not include some of the other necessary equipment to properly outfit your team.

If you are looking for coach's equipment, like game books and coaching guides, you've come to the right place. These pages focus on helping the coach teach various aspects of the game as well as present equipment specific to your coaching duties. You will also find additional coaching aids at the Coaching Aids page. In fact, some of the items may leak over into both pages. The coach's equipment page is geared more towards fastpitch softball equipment versus books and DVDs, but you will also find some fun shirts and things.

Can't play the game without softballs and so follow this link to get a deal on game balls. You will find various brands and also sanctioned organizations, such as ASA, PONY, College, and so forth. In addition, there is a separate store dedicated to practice balls. Practice balls, an essential part of any coach's fastpitch softball equipment inventory, includes everything from the Softee to Incredaballs. Both of these balls are for indoor training. In addition, you will also find the various size wiffle balls referred to in the various hitting drills pages to work on hand-eye coordination and hitting mechanics.

A core piece of equipment for any serious team is a softball pitching machine (Note that it must be a "softball" pitching machine, otherwise the balls will not fit.). There is a wide selection to choose from. If this is for personal use, find one that does the job for backyard use. If this is for the team, you will want to use a more heavy duty variety like ATEC models. In addition, you will want to acquire a pop-up net or create a batting cage to practice swings both at practice but also at the games and tournaments. Dealing with the pop-up net is a little tricky at first, but you’ll be surprised how fast you will get at putting it up and taking it down. There are also more permanent structures available to set up batting cages. You will also find pitching nets to keep the pitcher safe during batting practice.

Rounding out the hitting equipment are batting tees. There are several kinds of batting tees, from the standard one tee to the double tees. Depending on what type of hitting drills you plan to use will tell you what type of hitting tees you need. The hitting tees are often used in conjunction with the hitting nets mentioned above. Generally two batting tees and one pop-up is a good start.

Outfit your catcher correctly by visiting our catcher’s gear page. You will not find catcher’s mitts on this page, but will find them on the catcher’s mitt page. What you will find are chest protectors, shin guards, helmets and the all important knee savers. Knee savers allow your catcher to rest a little bit while squatting.

Softball helmets are also an essential piece of equipment for playing fastpitch softball. In addition, the governing bodies have also added the facemask on the softball helmet as required after several ladies where hit in the face with the softball. Airbrush softball helmets are all the rage. At the end of the day, what is important is protection of the player. Make sure you choose one that meets the safety guidelines.

And what is a team without softball uniforms? Decide what your "team brand" will be and choose the color scheme that fits your team. In most cases, teams have at least two uniforms, one for home and one for away. tournament teams generally mix them up to keep the look fresh. Sliding shorts and sliding pads are also an important part of the uniform, as it protects against those painful raspberries when sliding on the hard infield. More recently, long pants seems to have replaced the shorts, making sliding shorts and pads not as necessary.

And don't forget the womens softball cleats. Generally if you buy them as a team you can get a better price.

And don't forget this essential piece of fastpitch softball equipment: the softball hat! Wouldn't it be great if you could actually find a hat specifically made for softball? One that wouldn't fly off during the play or feel uncomfortably loose, or actually has a place for the pony tail? One that could even allow you to wear your hair down to protect the back of your neck against the sun's hot rays? The Softball Cap by ChicPlay Sportswear is just what you are looking for!

And you will need someplace to put all of this stuff, so softball equipment bags are essential in getting everything where it needs to be. Most players will want a team bat bag to keep all of their equipment (bats, glove, helmet, and so forth) as well as their personal items during the game.

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