by Sam

How do you put force into your pitch to make the softball fast?

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Leverage and legs ...
by: Dan

Hi Sam,

Thank you for your question. It may seem strange that how fast you throw the ball has less to do with how fast you "windmill" your arm then it does using leverage and leg push. But, that is the key. You will here coaches talking about "finishing" the pitch. What they are talking about is driving your right foot forward, if you throw right and completing with your hips. By doing this, you are not only using arm speed, bit more importantly, you are using your body. And you don't have to be a "big" girl to have a great fast ball. I had a pitcher on one of my teams that was one of the smallest players on our team, but she had a 50 - 55 mph fastball because she drove with her legs and hip and knew how to leverage her body.

The other advantage is that by using your entire body, it takes the stain off of your arm. Pitchers who throw all arm, you will generally find, start tiring by the third or fourth inning. The key to success is the body drive.

And don't forget to snap. A snap will also drive the mph of the pitch.

This page speaks to throwing a fastball. On this page you will find drills on how to create speed and power with your pitches.

The entire motion of the fastball is about leveraging your body to generate speed. The more you practice the techniques, the better (and faster) you will become. The best thing to do to improve your pitching technique is to take some lessons from a qualified pitching coach who will teach you the basics of the art of softball pitching.

Hope this helps,


Thanks =]
by: Sam

Thanks for answering my question. It helps a lot. This site is extremely helpful. Thanks again.

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