Foul ball question

Ball hit oddly, good contact, but off end of bat . Ball pops up th wicked spin. Ball lands in fair territory near third bas line. Upon contact with ground, off first bounce, ball begins to spin into foul territory. Pitcher seeing this leaps to keep ball in fair territory, as batter has remained in box. Pitcher leaps into foul territory, whilst in air pushes ball into fair territory and then lost her lands in foul territory. Third baseman grabs ball, now in fair territory, and throws out batter, still in box. Is this type of basketball, keep ball in play, legal?


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Foul Ball once touched
by: Coach Dan

If a ball is in foul territory, and is touched it is foul. You cannot do the "basketball play" (good analogy) to make a foul ball fair. If the ball had spun back into fair territory before passing the third base bag (or first base bag, depending on which foul line the ball is hit), then it would be a fair ball. That is why you teach the players to push it further foul. But you cannot push a ball fair.

Ball is fair
by: Anonymous

The position of the fielder is immaterial to whether the ball is fair or foul-- if the fielder is in foul territory and touches the ball while it is in fair territory, then the ball is fair. If the fielder is in foul territory and touches the ball while it is foul territory, then the ball is foul.

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