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When there's a girl at 1st and 3rd with one out and it's hit to 2nd base where would I throw to get the out as a 2nd base player?

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Depends on the Game Situation
by: Dan

This is a very good question because of its dependency of what is going on in the game. For instance, if it is the bottom of the seventh, and the runner on third is the winning run with less than two outs, coach will probably have the infield in to cut off the run. That means, as a second baseman, you will be throwing home.

If it is another time during the game, you likely are okay allowing the run to try to score. In so doing, you could try for the double play at second with the shortstop throwing on to first. If you are successful, the run will not count, and, since the play started with one out, you will now have three and be out of the inning.

But remember, it is only 60 feet between first and second and so, with a good runner getting a good lead with the pitcher's release, you have to access if you have a real shot at forcing the runner at second.

So, here is what I told my second baseman. Unless I have you drawn in because the runner at third is the winning run, which way did the ball pull you? If it is right at you or towards second base, either tag the runner coming from first and then throw onto first for the double play OR flip the ball to second for the shortstop to throw on to first for the double play. If the runner from first is already past you (because it is a slow roller), there is a good you have no shot at the runner going to second, so get at least one out and throw to first.

If, on the other hand, the ball is hit towards first and you field the ball, get at least one out and go to first. If you have a runner with decent speed, it will be difficult throwing against your momentum and getting the runner at second.

I was always a conservative coach, and always want to get at least one out somewhere; otherwise, that could be the beginnings of a very big inning for the other team.

One last note, in that situation, the coach should yell out what he/she wants you to do with the ball. If she/he does not, mentally think what you will do with the ball before it is hit. Assume every ball will be hit to you so you already know what to do and you are reacting to the hit versus thinking about the hit.

Anyone else like to chime in, please do so.

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