good coaching

by Jerika Shelton
(Hagerstown, Indiana)

Hi, my name is Jerika Shelton and i was wondering if you could help me and my team with coaching. our coaches do nothing but bring us down and then yell at us for being down. All the coaches around tell us they have no idea whzt they are talking about and we have not had a decent season in i dont know how long. please help us

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Happy to help
by: Coach Dan

Hi Jerika,

I would be happy to help, but your coaches have to be willing and open to getting advice. They may see an outsider as an intruder, but if they are willing to speak, I would be happy to do so.

Jerika, one thing you should know is that no one likes losing. It is very hard on everyone, especially the coaches, as they don't know how to fix it. The shouting may be more out of frustration then anything else. For other coaches to say they don't know what they are doing is also a bit unfair. Unless they are at the practices and seeing how the coaches are training you and what they are drilling, it is hard to say that they don't know what they are doing.

One of the hardest things for a coach to do is detach himself/herself from what is going on in the game and put emotion aside and be objective about why things are going poorly and then put a plan together to fix it. Instead, they get tied up emotionally and then the frustration comes out. It is part of human nature.

It seems like this basic tenet is missing:

Establish a fun teaching environment

that results in winning (eventually).

I will tell you that there is not a coach out there that does not forget this from time to time.

So, maybe the players need to call a team meeting and tell the coaches how you feel and that you would like the players and coaches to re-dedicate themselves to becoming a successful team. It won't be easy, but hard work and drilling on the right things can make it happen. If I can help, please let me know.

Good luck to you and your team!
Coach Dan

coaching right
by: Ernest Salazar

I teach fastpitchsoftball and players will do anything I ask in practice if I don't get mad at my players for making a mistake.The only thing I have to know, are my players minds in the practice or are they worried about if they make a mistake, are they going to feel bad for making a mistake.I don't call not making a play in practice a mistake,I tell my players to make your mistake now in practice, so you don't make mistake in the game. My players get to make that play over and over with out me getting MAD. OK if I get mad at my players, I took their mind off of what they were doing. Now the players are mad at the one that got mad them. Do coaches know the game of [fastpitchsoftball or baseball].If I make a error in the game i have chance to hit the ball and get on base, If I don't hit the ball I have chance to make a good play on the field.I always see a player that made a error on the field and no one scored and there go's the coach telling the player off for a error that did not mean anything.The coach should talk about the error and laugh about it some times.The game is fun. IF MY TEAM DOESN'T WIN IT'S MY FAULT (COACH) Most parent (COACHES) don't get it. Coach for the team not your kid,the players now who you are coaching for show it (COACH) LIFE'S A PITCH call me

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