Grandma Fan

by Jean Delaney
(Bellevue, Ne )

Can an ump change his call..........This is how it played out Runner on first leads off, batter hits, caught by second base, they throw to 1st, the runner is under or below the 1st baseman, stretching to touch first base, which has two bags one white one orange, ump calls the runner safe, the coach for the opposing team complains to the ump, the ump consults with the other ump nothing was decided, so the ump consults with an ump that is visiting with that opposing teams parents, he said she should be out, so the ump changed his call to out, is that a fair call?

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Umpire in the Stands
by: Coach Dan

Hi Jean,

Thank you for your email. As you know, the number one responsibility of the umpire is to get the call right. That means the umpire can seek out from his/her fellow umpires in the crew ... in other words the umpires on the field. I have never seen an umpire go to one in the stands to "get it right", but if at the end of it, the call was the correct one, I guess there is nothing that can be done. Hopefully, the out was based on a technicality and not whether the runner got in safe. If it was the later, that does not seem to be appropriate to go to someone in the stands.


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