Groin Pull

A groin pull is relatively common sports injuries. Groin injuries take place on the inner part of the leg in the adductor muscle group, located from the femur to the inner pelvis. The role of these muscles is pulling a person’s legs together in coordination with the hip. When a pull occurs, it strains the muscle – pulling it too far. Some strains can actually tear muscles partially or completely. However, a fair majority of groin injury in sports is more minor.

There are certain factors that affect who are at risk for a groin injury. How well an athlete trains during pre-season is one of them, as is pre-game stretching. Having these two factors in place helps protect an athlete from harm. On the other hand, athletes who have had previous groin injuries are at higher risk for re-injury.

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There are some basic symptoms to measure to determine how bad of a groin injury an athlete may have. A grade one strain won’t hinder a person’s activity and produces only mild pain. A grade two strain can limit activities particularly jumping and running. Some swelling may occur with a grade two sprain as well. Discomfort is moderate. A grade three groin injury is a serious affair. It’s quite painful and may be accompanied by bruises and spasms.

It’s important to remember that a couple other conditions can mimic the symptoms of a groin injury, one of which being a sports hernia, which has nearly identical indicators. Besides this arthritis of the hip, pubic bone inflammation, lower back problems and pinched nerves may also seem like a groin pull. This makes for a very good argument to have any suspected groin pull evaluated professionally to eliminate other possibilities and determine the extent of injury.

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If you experience a groin injury, you may find it difficult to walk for a while. Sitting can prove painful, and you might find your sleep disrupted by discomfort. Nonetheless, less activity and more rest are essential to the recuperation process. Try to avoid any activities that aggravate your condition and lead to elevated levels of pain.

Beyond resting, gentle adductor stretching is part of healing from an injury of this nature. The stretching exercises should not hurt. If they do, you’re doing more harm. Additionally apply ice during the first two days of recuperation from groin pulls to keep inflammation to a minimum. After that heat may help relax the sore muscles. Apply heat right before you do your stretching, and then follow it with ice. Over-the-counter pain relievers should alleviate some discomfort.

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NOTE: The information provided above, as with everything on Fastpitch-Softball-coaching, is subject to the Disclaimer. This is not intended to be medical advice, and we suggest you consult with your physician prior to altering any course of action.

More on Groin Injuries and Recovery

Below you will find additional information on groin injuries as well as groin braces to help stabilize and enable the recovery. There are also books on the how to handle sports injuries. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for, click on the store name to go directly to the store's website to search more easily.

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