Hitting Problems

by Dad

Hitting problems?? my daughter has very good bat speed hardly ever gets fooled on pitches nevers swings and misses but cannot make solid contact on reg basis her avg is very low for high school yet get her in hitting cage and she pounds the ball everywhere. any ideas????

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The Art of Hitting ...
by: Coach Dan

I understand your angst. It seems so easy in the batting cage, but then doesn't transalte to the game. One big difference is the fact that in the batting cage, it is always coming the same way ... fastball, fastball, fastball. And there is no one calling balls and strikes. In the batting cage, the hitter becomes a machine as well. No concern about swinging at the "right" pitch. Just swing away.

Ok, so let's think about a few things. She hits everything but is not driving the ball. Is she working her core? Seems like a soccer or oteht sports question, but hips and stomach muscles are key to driving the balls not just with your arms (leading to infield ground out power) but with her entire body. Get a good core workout program like what is explained here: Conditioning drills.

Next, what about her batting gloves. My daughters swear by Easton turbo slots. They turned those infield hits into line drives in the outfield because they added strength to the weakest part of the hand (and exactly where you grip the bat), between your thumb and forefinger.

Ok, and now for the most basic answer. Get you daughter in front of live pitching. At the end of the day, the repetition of hitting on live pitching will drive the focus (and most importantly, CONFIDENCE) to make a decision and drive her hands through the ball. Oh, and one more thing. Get her a present. Give her a broom stick and have her swing it 50 times a night every night practicing correct hitting form. Follow this advice and hopefully you will see a marked improvement.

Let me know if this helps.

Kind regards,

by: Zoey

My coach helped me out because i had the same problems it could just be nerves or she could be getting so excited and not watching the ball. My coach says look for the stiching on the ball it takes off alot of nerves and helps me watch the ball.

Good Luck,

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