how to motivate your team players

by sivasubramaniam

As a coach of softball your coaching philosophy should concentrate on motivating your players. You have to create a stress free environment and you have to make the practice sessions fun and stimulating.

The coaching philosophy is about setting reasonable standards and expectations for your team and for you. When you are dealing with children it is very important to motivate them. Your expectations should be according the age group of the children on your team. You have to encourage constantly each and every player on your team. If the children on your team feel that they cannot handle the challenges which you made, they may lose their motivation to participate on the team.

You have to spend your time to know about each and every player of your team as a coach. By doing this, you can get an idea which kind of motivational tactics will work best for each player on your team. You have to make your players see you as a role model in the game. Your enthusiasm and excitement should inspire the players of your team. This will help them to know about the beauty of the game, to learn and to enjoy the game.

Do not put too much pressure on winning the game. You have to help the children to gain confidence and encourage them in every step of the game. You have to motivate them to come for more practices. You have to help them with some drills.

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