Ice Pitcher's Arm

by Paul

At a recent Pitching Lesson, Abby's coach recommended Shoulder and Elbow Ice for 20mins after an hour of pitching. I can't disagree with the idea! What type of ice wrap should I look for? Has anyone used one that they like? Are there wraps that fit better than others?

Thought this would be the place to ask!



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Icing arms
by: Dan

Hi Paul,

Ice is great for the pitcher after her training regime or game. Even though throwing a softball is a more natural motion (underhand) than throwing a baseball (overhand), you still want to ice down the shoulder to ward off any inflamation.

That being said, you know, we always just used a very simple approach. We would hold the ice in place either with a towel or ace bandage. Nothing more fancy than that. Even at the major league baseball level, when a starting pitcher comes out, you generally see them with ice being held in place around the shoulder with a towel and tape.

I am sure there are products invented to specifically help icing down the shoulder, but if simple is just as affective, I would go with that.

Good luck with your season!


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