im scared of batting

ok, so when I'm up to bat. I will see the pitch and it scares me so I only swing at the bad pitches. I do not know what to do. I freeze up. Help?

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Relaxing at the Plate
by: Coach Dan


Batting can be intimidating if you allow it to be. It seems, from your note, that you have already convinced yourself that the worst is going to happen. Your challenge is to figure out a way to relax in the batter's box and HAVE FUN!!

So the question I have for you is, "What has happened that makes you afraid when you are at bat?" Where you hit with a pitch? Did you see something that upset you? Or is it that you expect yourself to get a hit every time up and therefore put too much pressure? What are you afraid of?

The best players has short memories. They go up to the plate because it is FUN. Whatever you are afraid of, you have to figure out a way to leave it out of your mind. Softball is a hard game. If you are successful three at bats out of ten, you are considered a good player.

Try this ... Next time you are at the plate, pretend it is only you and the pitcher playing. Forget about everything else. I fit is only the two of you, how bad can that be? Then think green light (meaning swing) until you see it is a bad pitch, at which time think red light (don't swing). If you think it is a good pitch, keep thinking to yourself, green light, and take a swing. You have to understand that the pitcher is not out there to hurt you. The pitcher is only out there to try and get you out. And guess what, seven out of ten times, she probably will. BUT the other three are all yours to be considered a good player.

There is nothing wrong with making an out if you are focused on being successful and not thinking you are afraid. Get your dad or mom to throw pitches to so you can practice thinking positive. Then pretend it is your dad or mom pitching to you in the game. I know you can succeed, if you allow yourself to succeed.

Best of luck and let me know how you make out.


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