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by fastpitch whisper
(Albuquerque n.m. bernnillo)

Why do coaches tell girlswomendo not move their front foot when there is a inside or outside pitch,Girls in college hit foul balls when they don't open up for an inside pitch. Kids in club ball can't hit inside pitches because the ball hits the handle of the bat same with outside pitches.

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Hitting the ball where it is thrown ...
by: Coach Dan

Hi FP Whisper,

Thank you for your question. When they are telling you not to move your foot, what they are not saying is where to hit the ball. On an inside pitch, they want you to have a faster bat and hit the ball to the left side of the infield/left field. On hitting an outside pitch, they want you to hit the ball further back towards the catcher and drive it between first/second base and to right field. By doing this, it is what they mean by "going with the pitch". If you move your foot in or out, then your mechanics will become inconsistent and they feel you will start either consistently pulling off on the ball (by stepping down the third base line) or diving into the ball (by stepping towards first base). By adjusting WHERE you hit the ball in the batters box but keep your basic swing mechanics (step[trigger mechanism]-hands-bat-hips)consistent, you will become a more consistent hitter because you are only adjusting where the bat meets the ball.

Hope this helps,


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