Infield Fly

by Billy Willis
(Dayton, OH)

Infield Fly Rule: Runners on first and second with less than two (2) outs and a legally, fair ball is hit that may be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort (does not have to be in the infield). The batter will be called out by the Umpire. Runners may advance at their own risk. Just like any other fly ball, if an infield fly is caught, runners must retouch (or "tag up") their time-of-pitch base before attempting to advance; if an infield fly is not properly caught, no tag up is required and the runners may try to advance.

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No Problem
by: Billy

I umpire Slow pitch and I train officials for the Intramural Department at Wright State University. So I am putting together some tools and stumbled upon the site. I think a good portion of people understand the rule, but don't know how it's applied with details of getting confused on "infield" and how to handle the baserunners/tag ups.

Good Catch
by: Dan

Hi Billy,

Thanks for adding the infield fly rule. That is one I just got to watch yesterday in a game when one of the baserunners didn't quite understand what was going on. It is an important rule for the coach to explain to the team so you don't "run yourself out of an inning".

As you know, the infield fly rule was put in place so that the offensive team was not put in "double jeopardy". Such a play could set up an "easy" double play depending on what the runners are doing, by the infielder either catching or dropping the fly ball intentionally.

Appreciate your contribution. Come back soon with any other help you might provide.

Kind regards,


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