Metal Cleats in ASA Softball

by head coach

Please clarify the rules pertaining to metal cleats in ASA girls\youth fastpitch softball as of September 2011

thank you

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Confusing Answer
by: Coach Dan

Head Coach,

Based on Rule 3 (Equipment); Section 6 (Uniforms)G. (Shoes) of the ASA code,metal spikes are not permitted:

(Shoes) must be worn by all players. A shoe shall be considered official if it is made with either canvas or leather uppers or similar material(s). The soles may be either smooth or have soft or hard rubber cleats. Ordinary metal sole or heel plates may be used if the spikes on teh plates do not extend more than 3/4 or an inch (1.91 cm) from the sole or heel of teh shoe. Shoes with round metal spikes are illegal. No shoe with detachable cleats that screw ON are allowed; however, shoes wit detachable cleats that screw INTO the shoe are allowed.
EXCEPTION: All Junior Olympic Fast and Slow Pitch, COED Slow Pitch, and Senior Slow Pitch Play: No Metal spikes not hard plastic or polyurethane spikes similar to metal sole and heel are allowed.

SO it seems like metal spikes are not allowed. I also found this article that discusses the topic at

So, reading both of these, it would seem that metal spikes are prohibited under ASA rules, which is contrary to the position held by the NCAA and the NFHSA (the high school governing body).

Hope this helps.


A follow up on the metal cleats question
by: Coach Dan

After my last comment went out and hot my Twitter account (FPSoftbllcoach), Kurt Kessler (@SlapDaBackstop) responded with this:

"16u and up, allowed. 14u and below, not allowed."

So now I've done some more research and found a couple places where it said that ASA Nationals have pushed the metal cleat decision to the ASA state offices. Not sure if that is correct ...

Kurt sent a note back that he heard from "blue" that it is now national per his statement above. So it looks like ASA is lining up with the NCAA and the High School regulating body.

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