missing home plate

The batter hits a 2 run homer over the fence. Coming to touch the plate she misses and is celebrating with her team.

The home plate ump throws a new ball in, the pitch sees the batter miss the plate and runs to her with the new ball that came in and takes her is she out.

If so why , if not why.

The batter was alerted by a coach to go touch the plate and that's when she was tug by the pitcher.

Whats the call.

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Appeal Play at Home...
by: Dan


Thank you for the question. Please see the link.


If the pitcher asked for an appeal play, it would seem she only needs to touch home plate. Further, it would appear that by going into the dugout before touching home plate, she has gone to a "base beyond". From what they are saying, the runner (homerun hitter) is out, assuming this matches your scenario.

Have a good season.

Dead ball appeals
by: Anonymous

Softball allows for dead ball appeals. NCAA is a completely different rule set and requires a ball be put back into play before an appeal can be made and is completely different than virtually every other rule set.

There is no base beyond home, once a runner passes home they are assumed to have touched it until a proper appeal is made. If the runner leaves the field of play they can no longer return to touch the plate or any other missed base. The ball isnt even required to make a dead ball appeal, all an infielder has to do is tell the umpire during the dead ball what they are appealing. In situations where the ball has gone out of play and there are base awards an appeal cannot be accepted until the umpire feels the offense has been given sufficient time to complete their base running requirements.

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