Opponent Coaches Talking To Your Players

by Tim Dumlao
(Wahiawa, HI)

I coach my first baseman to block the runners sight of the pitcher with her body without obstructing the basepath of the runner. The first base coach (obviously upset at the strategy) starts to talk to my first baseman. Saying stuff, like "Stop obstructing.....play the game....you can't be doing that.....the first baseman is too slow,", etc. What would you do if you were in my shoes? How would you react to this?

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by: Coach Dan


I would take my first baseman aside and tell her to just focus on the game and ignore the other team's coach. The more he complains about it, the more he is causing the focus of his team to be somewhere other than on the game. Your team is obviously in his head (which I assume that is why you are telling her to do this).

If you say something, you now risk creating an altercation which only serves to defocus your team. Coach your team.

Personally, I am having trouble seeing how that should matter. The runner cannot leave until release of the pitch. At some point, the first baseman has to get into position to make a play. Do you have the pitcher cover the first baseline on a bunt and your first baseman stays at first?

If the other coach is claiming that there is obstruction of the base paths, he should approach the umpire. You say this is not the case, so without seeing it, not sure what his beef is.

Good luck with your season.

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