Over throw rule


Runner1 on 1st fly hit to right center runner 3/4 way to 2nd when ball drops in runner1 rounds 2nd when center fielder releases throw runner then returns to 2nd throw bounces off third base into dugout What is the correct rule? thank you

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Bases awarded
by: Dan


I am basing my statements on my understadning of the situation as you described it. Since the runner at second was retreating to second and not attempting to go to third, the runner at second gets third and the runner at first (batter) gets second. I fthe runner at second was attempting to get to third, she would have been awarded home.


Base awards
by: Anonymous

When a ball is thrown into dead ball territory, the award is 2 bases from the runners position at the time the throw left the fielders hand. The direction the runner was heading makes absolutely no difference in the award, it is 2 bases from their position when the ball was thrown. If they are standing on 2nd base or between 2nd and 3rd when the ball was thrown the award would be home.

The rule also applies to runners who left early on a caught fly ball and the ball gets thrown into dead ball territory when trying to make the live ball appeal. If a runner at 1st had rounded 2nd, and was still beyond 2nd when the throw left the fielders hand the award would still be home. BUT, the runner must still legally return and touch 1st base before advancing or they are subject to being called out on appeal.

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