by chuck
(beverly, mass)

hi I was just wondering about the call on a game when its raining and the pitcher cant grip the ball can the coaches dry the ball for their pitcher,keep in mind this was u12 rec game also question#2 when a pitcher pitches a wild pitch and it goes to the backstop then goes in a hole under the fence is the runner on third who would have scored awarded home? I know it was then a dead ball it is a judgement of the umpire to award the base to the runners

thx charlie

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Let me handle each of these ...
by: Coach Dan

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for your question. I answered a similar question regarding drying the ball in the case of rain for the pitcher. It is at the discretion of the umpire(s). The pitcher has the right to ask for a dry ball if she is not comfortable with the one she was given/using because she feels it is too wet. I have seen the umpire try and keep the ball dry, but just as frequently, I have seen the umpire have one ball in play (with the pitcher), one ball in his ball bag, and a third ball being dried by the coach whose team is in the field (the pitcher's coach/coaching staff). When the pitcher or umpire determines the ball in play is too wet, the umpire throws the ball in his bag to the pitcher, the coach gives the newly dried ball to the umpire to hold in his bag, and the ball that was in play (with the pitcher) goes to the coach for drying. The pitcher can decide she still feels the ball is too wet and start the rotation over again.

Regarding the second question, that really depends on the ground rules for the field in question. I would hope that issue, of the ball going in a hole in the backstop, would have been addressed before the game as to whether runners on base are awarded a base or no advancement can be made. Does your U12 recreation league permit stealing of home on a pass ball? If so, it would seem that the runner on third would get awarded home if she had committed to stealing home before the ball went into the hole (on seeing the ball getting passed the catcher and heading for the backstop). But, again, I would question what are the ground rules for the field and the handling of a ball going into the hole.

Hope this helps,


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