Pitching rules 10U asa

by Chris

I am coaching my daughters team and we don't have any pitchers. My daughter looks ok when throwing, but has about a 10% chance of throwing a strike. We walked 21 of 21 hitters in our first game. After reading the Asa rules, I didn't see anything about the pitcher being required to make a full revolution with the arm. I asked a girl that pitched in college, and she told me that they were not required to make a full revolution although it is rarely taught that way because it is ineffective at higher levels. I worked with my daughter at pitching with a half arm swing like a coach would pitch. She has about a 50% chance of throwing strikes. However, when we went to play today, the umpire wouldn't let her pitch like that. We had about a 2 minute discussion and I eventually gave in and she threw the other way, with a full revolution. She walked 16 of 18 today (improvement!!). I will continue to work with her and the full arm revolution, but can anyone tell me if I was wrong in my interpretation of the rules?

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10U Pitching
by: Dan


First, let me say that it depends on the league.

That being said, I would agree with the player that told you that there is no rule on how telling pitchers that they must use the full windmill method. The windmill method is taught because of the velocity it allows you to generate and as she said, this is critical for success at the higher levels. I know of no ASA, PONY, USSSA, Little League or any other organization that requires windmill.

If I were you, I would give a call to the commissioner of your league and ask him/her the question about windmill being required. After you get the clarification from the commissioner, you can proceed accordingly. You may also want to ask the umpire if you run across him/her again to show you the rule in the ASA book requiring windmill.

When we had a team at that level, we did arrange for a pitching coach to teach the windmill. That way, you have several options as there will be wide variance in performance from one game to the next and this way you are not putting all of the pressure on one player.

Best of luck with your season!

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