by Michaela Scott

I'm a fast pitch softball pitcher. I'm 11, and really good. What are some things I can do in the winter for drills? I'm trying to practice winding up with a weighted ball, but I can't do anything else because I live in a trailer, and its very cold outside. Any drills?

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Pitching Drills for Indoors
by: Dan

Hi Michaela,

Thanks for your question. The first thing I would do is give that weighted ball back to whomever gave it to you. I have seen too many young pitchers hurt their shoulder using the weighted ball. It was big a few years ago, but no more.

You want to work on three things:

1. Snap
2. Release
3. Stride

Since you are in a very confined space, roll up a bunch of socks to the size of a softball. Find a wall to throw against. Here is the good news: By throwing the socks, it won't break anything.

For the first set of throws, I would focus on your snap. Make sure you are doing it correctly. Next, I would put a "target" of some sort on the wall (think paper) and practice your release point (while maintaining a good snap). This will help with your accuracy.

Finally, I would focus on the length of your stride. Do your normal wind up and mark the spot you land while throwing the softball socks, maintaining a good snap and release point. Do 50 - 100 sock throws a day (or every other day or whatever fits your schedule)in total and this should help your pitching.

Finally, don't forget about conditioning. Being a pitcher you need to be fit. Here is a link to help with that.

Good luck with your coming season. I love your dedication. Remember to KEEP IT FUN!

Coach Dan

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