Positions during practice

by Arlene
(Pennsylvania )

What is the most effective way for a girl to practice. Should practice consist of ALL girls running outfield and infield drills? For instance, we have a lefty who's main position is outfield, primarily CF, should she be practicing every position in the infield as well? If we have a girl who's primary position is infield, should she practicing outfielding drills?

My reason for the question is our coach is having all girls running outfield and infield drills and some of the girls are complaining about their arm hurting. Shouldn't practice be split with outfielders working on their drills and infielding working on their drills but not both??!

Thank you for any input.

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Practice & Positions
by: Dan

Hi Arlene,

Funny you should ask that question. I am helping coach a 12U team this year (in PA as well) and we are trying to figure out what is appropriate as well.

My first question is: Are you an established team that have played together for a number of years? If the answer is yes, then I am not sure why everyone is running every drill(infield and outfield) except perhaps the coaches are trying to see who they might have to plug in as an alternate position should the injury bug bite.

We are in a different position. Our team is comprised of players who have not played together in the past and are largely new to the coaches, so, to be fair to everyone, we are looking at various players for multiple positions. Again, this is so we can decide, as coaches, where a player would add most to the team.

The idea, however, that the main reason you are concerned about going through both infield and outfield drills is because your fellow players are complaining about sore arms is an entirely different issue. In this case, the team needs to speak to the coaches about this fact so that the coaches recognize this as an issue and tailor the practice so that people do not have this issue.

There is nothing wrong with having versatile players who can play multiple positions, both infield and outfield, but practice should create benefit and not harm.

Good luck with your season!


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