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Can you switch out defensive positions any time of the game? Not subs, but people already playing in positions.

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I hope I got this question correct
by: Dan

I was a little confused by the question, so I sought clarification before I responded.

I added a "but" in the question, as I believe what was being asked is if you can rotate the 9 players on the field to whatever position you want them to play during the game? In other words, can I have my shortstop come in and pitch, move my pitcher to first and my first baseman to short (or whatever combination)?

I will assume that is the question, and the answer is yes. You should notify the umpire as a courtesy and the person who is doing the book on the other team. This has no impact on batting rotation. But, yes, you can rotate players in the game as often as you like. I know that for some recreation leagues, this was mandatory (and I thought a good rule) so that everyone at that young age, as all were learning the game, got to experience infield, outfield and catching. Also, if you plan to do this, it woudl be good to move players around between innings and not while your team is on the field, unless you are changing out your pitcher. That being said, you can move players in the field around.

If anyone thinks I am misinterpreting the question, please jump in and give your spin on the question and your answer. Thanks in advance for your help.

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