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My daughter is a high school freshman pitcher. In the middle of the inning switch, she approached the home plate umpire to ask where she was missing the plate. He answered her questions saying they were just barely inside or outside and a little low. The outfield umpire runs up and yells at her that she’s not allowed to ask where the strike zone is at, which she was not. He yells to get in the dugout and that she’s ejected from pitching for the rest of the game. Is this a rule? If the home plate ump didn’t have a problem answering her, why did the other make a big deal and embarrass her in front of both teams and a stand full of parents? Please help out this frustrated mom

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Asking an Umpire Questions
by: Dan

Dear Frustrated Mom,

I've never heard of a player being ejected from a game when speaking to an umpire in a respectful manner. Especially when it is the other umpire, not part of the conversation, doing the ejecting. Also, curious if the field umpire was the crew chief for the game. I remember it being the other way around. I am not sure what went on prior to speaking to the home plate umpire or if it is usually only the head coach is the one who is supposed to ask the umpire questions, but this reaction seems extreme to me. I am not aware of any rule that says a player will be ejected by the other umpire if that player is speaking to an umpire about game situations.

Thank you for your question.


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