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Additional Resources was built to provide softball coaching tips to those seeking them. Understanding that no one website will be 100% complete, it is important to provide additional resources to ensure you find what you are looking for. This section does just that on each of the linked topical pages you find below and have come up with a good selection of both books and videos to address those needs.

If you have reviewed the Teaching section listed in the Navigation bar on the left hand side and are looking for additional resources, this section provides the resources for the following aspects of the game:

  • Coaching Philosophy

  • Pitching and Catching Guides

  • Teaching Proper Hitting Technique

  • Proper Fielding Skills and Awareness

Below you will find the link to these resources and an explanation on what to expect to find.

The first selection of softball coaching tips is focused on overall coaching philosophy and know how. This is primarily a selection of books. The focus here is on teaching the basics of fastpitch. There is also a guide on youth fitness to help develop an age appropriate program. Setting your coaching philosophy and understanding the basics of the game is the foundation from which everything else is build.

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Softball pitcher delivering the offspeed pitch

Without good pitching and catching, your team will not win many games. As a result, many catching and pitching guides have been developed on training in these areas. This section largely contains videos. The pitching videos range from developmental skills in mastering the windmill technique to how to throw specific pitches, like the rise ball, drop ball and screwball. In addition, there are also guides on increasing speed. Having a competent catcher behind the plate is also extremely important. She is your team general. There is a selection of tools for properly teaching and training catchers.

Teaching proper hitting techniques is also fundamental to your team’s success. The best a pitcher can do is get you a tie. Hitting will deliver the victory. Again primarily in video, there are a range of tools from teaching hitting to developing drills. In addition, there is a video on developing the short game: sacrifice bunt, drag bunting and slapping. The short game creates a lot of pressure on the defense and can be the key to getting that big win. Your players need to be confident that they have the skills necessary to execute, and these tools will help ensure that happens.

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Fastpitch softball player safe at third?

Teaching good fielding techniques will also pay big dividends and so softball coaching tips and tools have been developed to help in this area. Few pitchers can be successful, unless they strike everyone out, without support from her fielders. How do you teach the basics of throwing? How about fielding? Things that come so natural because you have done it for years, but how do you teach those basic fundamentals, right down to foot work that is essential in coaching youth softball? Situational play is also important to success. Where should your players throw the ball given where the runners are on base, how many outs, what’s the score? All of these things need to come naturally, and so teaching your players to react to the situation versus think about the situation may provide the second that is needed to record a crucial out.

Below is a conglomeration of softball aides. If you are looking for training ideas from various aspects of the sport, this will help. They are further broken out in the above mentioned pages.

If you have a great training or coaching guide that you would like to share, please do so here.

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Do you have another great softball coaching resource that you would like to share? Doesn't matter the medium: book, video, e-book, or whatever. If it worked for you it probably will help someone else, so please share it here!

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