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What are the requirements to play A fastpitch? My daughter's only downfall is her running speed. She is eleven yrs old will she be able to advance in levels this being her weakness? She is a very strong player otherwise and also pitches.

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Requirements to play "A" ball
by: Coach Dan

Dear Softball Mom,

Thank you for your email. I do not think speed would prevent her from playing "A" ball. There is no doubt you have to be athletic to play "A" ball, but that is not the most important ingredient.

If you look at anyone who has been successful at something, the following things are evident:

  • There is a love for what the person is doing.
  • There is an inordinate desire to achieve at a high level on behalf of the person.
  • There is a dedication to go above and beyond what is expected as far as pratice and knowledge to make oneself better.
  • There is a recognition of strengths and weaknesses and a plan put in place to elevate weaknesses and continue to work on strengths.
  • There is a support network in place (read parents) to help the person succeed.

The biggest question is not foot speed or eye-hand coordination or natural athleticism. All of these things can be cultivated to a level of competence.

The real question is:
Does your daughter have the desire to be the best she can be and is willing to work for it? Is this what SHE really wants?

The real question for the parent:
Do you have the time and resources to help the child be the best she can be?


This is not about college scholarships. It is about a love for the game that your daughter has developed. The goal is to have FUN! The goal is to be successful. The goal is to build a maturity and self-confidence the child can leverage in other challenges in life. Everything else is a pleasant by-product...

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Excellent Advice
by: A Colorado Coach

Your advice for Mom was right on point. Good luck to your Daughter playing A Ball, Mom..Enjoy your Daughters fastpitch A Ball experience. It is what you make of it.. Leave it all on the field...

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