Softball mom

by Laura Pea
(Benton KY)

My daughter is learning to slap bunt and only had a few lessons- her teacher is having her step back with her left foot rather than over. Is there more than one technique to left-handed slap bunting.

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Teaching the Slap
by: Coach Dan

Hi Softball Mom,

Thank you for your question. I will confess that this is how we taught our girls to slap because this is how the coach at Villanova University taught our girls. The thinking is that you want to make sure that when the ball is struck, the batter is still in the batter's box. If she is outside of the batter's box, she is automatically out. The reason to step back is because you want the batter to settle in the box as she normally would so as not to tip off to the other team that she is about to slap.

For those who only "slap", there is no mystery for the other team, so they generally line up deeper in the batter's box and move towards the pitcher on the pitcher's release. Again, the batter must be in the batter's box when the ball is struck or she will be automatically out, a dead ball will be called, and all runners will need to return to the base they were on before the play started.

Hope this helps,


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