Softball Pitching Machines

Softball pitching machines are an essential piece of practice equipment to help your team perfect that swing. They come in various price ranges based on how you plan to use them. ATEC may be the most popular brand, but even ATEC has a range that goes from a backyard machine to the more heavy duty team type machine. Get a pitching machine that fits how you plan to use it. Notice the word "softball" on the front. If you get a baseball pitching machine, your machine will not be able to pitch softballs. Baseball pitching machines may be fine for personal use, figuring if they can hit a baseball they can hit a softball, but do not use that logic at the team level. You want you players to get use to seeing a softball coming at them.

A quick glance at the prices will tell you that many are really for the team and not the individual family. There are units, however, that are reasonably priced. I actually used a unit that was baseball size (it was an ATEC Hitting Streak) figuring if they could hit a baseball sized ball, they certainly could hit a softball. It came with its own set of balls that could be used indoors as well as outside. So, even if it is not listed below, go to the retailers site and do a search as it will show up there.

For your convenience, each item has the manufacturer and distributor listed so you can be sure you are getting just what you are looking for. Also, there is a good possibility that the same item may appear more than once so you can do a little comparative shopping. Check back often as we will try to adjust what is on hand based on what you tell us you are looking for. So please feel free to use the Contact Us page and tell us what's missing. The only way to make this the best it can be is with your input.

Don't forget to get a stock of practice balls (dimple balls, etc.) for your pitching machine. Go to the Practice Balls page to purchase them.

If you are a coupon or deal shopper, you will now find the latest deals and coupons from our various partners. In addition, there is a search box that will help you locate a specific deal or coupon for what you are looking for. If a code is needed, click on the box, and it will reveal the code and take you to the store. If no code is needed, simply click on the box, and a new window will open for the store.

If there is a particular softball pitching machine you like or a drill you would recommend tell us here.

If you have a preference on pitching machines, tell us here which one and why.

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