The Softball Player
Oh, How They Grow

When originally conceived, this page was envisioned as a softball player blooper page. So, like on another site we deliver, we went out to YouTube to look for some funny fastpitch videos with the hopes of finding plenty of material and then having you vote on which one you liked the best.

But a funny thing happened as we reviewed the videos ... sure we found some bloopers, but what we found was also the story of why coaches continue to coach fastpitch softball, why the player falls in love with the game and why fastpitch teams provide its players important life lessons.

There is no doubt that early on, when the fastpitch player is just learning the game, it can be challenging to say the least ...

Just ask WAGS (Even the most serious softball coach has to smile while looking back on these days)

BT All Starz Softball Bloopers

by BT11AllStarz

And then there are those games that just makes your ears ring and all you can do is shake your head ...

Fun Filming Girls Fastpitch 2009

by sundquistviking

And no matter how long you’ve coached or played fastpitch softball and know you've seen everything see one more new inexplicable thing ...

Softball/Baseball Bloopers - Catcher Throws at Batter's Head

by madmiles05

But the great thing about fastpitch teams is that it allows the young lady to have the confidence to be a little girl amongst her best friends ...

Two Softball Players Doing the Soulja Boy

by MissJessie154

And find new and "interesting" ways to fill in those seemingly interminable trips and dead time between games ...

Disturbia MVNU Softball Spoof

by nitsag18

But given all of this, it is when you see something, so unique and so different, where you realize that your players now know that it isn't always about winning and losing, but how you play the game. That the three key rules of Sportsmanship:

  • Respect Yourself

  • Respect Your Opponent

  • Respect the Game

Has become so engrained that you see something magical and you know you have been successful as a coach, because you provided your players a life lesson ...

Softball Player Carried Around the Bases by Opponents

by wgnradiovideo


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