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Have a softball sports question that you cannot seem to find the answer to? Ask here! Softball is a complicated game, and there are no stupid questions. I think back to when I was just getting started and I had loads of questions. Fortunately, I also had some very knowledgeable people to ask the questions to. And that is how we all get smarter!

When responding to softball sports rules questions, we will base our response on ASA rules. Note that the rules in your specific league may vary. ASA is generally followed by most travel, high school and college leagues. Variability will occur in the recreation leagues to accommodate the age of the players and ability to handle certain aspects of the game. In the final analysis, the best place to get answers to the rules you are playing under is to speak with the league director. Also, prior to any game, the coaches’ meeting with the umpires is a good time to get clarification on ground rules and aspects of the game that may vary, like substitution policies and player designations.

The point of Fastpitch Softball Coaching is to help fellow coaches and their players to have a thorough understanding of the game of fastpitch softball resulting in elevating their play. If you see a question you think you can help answer, please contribute. Remember those who helped you as you began your coaching career and help those who may not be as far along.

If you scan the area right below the question entry area, you will find a number of questions asked to date. They cover everything from hitting, pitching, and fielding drills, to game situations and rules based discussions to questions around bats, gloves and other equipment. Ask and we will answer your question. If we don’t know, we will reach out to a network of softball coaches and other experts to try and get you the right answer. And don’t forget, sometimes there is no right answer. The right answer may sometimes be what works for your particular player. So ask your questions and, please, do join in on the discussion!

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Protest on tag 
Runner on 2nd and 3rd 1 out. Fly ball to left and caught tag from 3rd and 2nd safe at home and 3rd . Other team protested tag from 2nd and runner from …

What's the call? 
A batter hits a ball in the field of play. He then stands in front of home plate, not allowing the catcher to go forward, and make a play. He is not in …

12u-14u fastpitch pitcher 
Is there a rule any where in fastpitch softball about the ump being able to ejected the pitcher if he or she thinks the pitcher is showing any kind of …

Dropped third strike with bases loaded 
Bases loaded 2 outs, the batter strikes out and catcher drops the third call strike. Since the batter can run to first even tho it’s occupied, can the …

what do we need to buy for softball? like the stuff that's really needed, because season is starting in 2 days and idk what to do please help me!

Softball Dad 
Why are softball pitchers instructed not to catch pop fly balls ? I understand why baseball pitchers don't , because of elevated mound and posssibility …

Dead ball 
Runner on 2nd. Batter bunts the ball. Home plate calls dead ball. Ball hit batter outside of box. Runner runs to 1st. Runner on 2nd advance to 3rd. 2nd …

Umpire ruled two runners out no run 
Hi, So the situation was, it is bases loaded and one out. There is a five run rule in each inning and the runner at third would be run number 5. The …

Batted Bunt out of the Box 
A player bunted a ball straight down in front oof home plate, it bounced straight back up. The player took one step out of the box towards first, still …

Slap Hitting 
I’m a player wondering if I should start learning to slap hit. I am very quick my home to 1B time is 2.92 and was wondering if it was something i should …

If there is a runner on third and the defense gets the second out but thinks it's the third out and throws the ball back to the pitcher she throws the …

We have a runner on first, sinking line drive to the pitcher. Home plate umpire points to the ground saying it was not caught in the air. Runner on first …

coach d 
bases loaded one out soft liner over shortstop she dives catches ball but it pops out when she hits ground confusion on bases shortstop picks up ball and …

What would the call B  
The girls are playing. There’s a minute left. There’s two outs. There’s a girl on second and they call time out. She runs over to the coach. They talk. …

Dave Ruggles 
What are the rules regarding switching which side of the plate you are batting from during an at bat. Can you hit left hand for a few pitches and then …

Outfield interference by a lawn mower 
Ok here is what happened to us this weekend. Girl up at bat hits a long deep drive to left. There is no fence to speak of. The tournament has the lawn …

Base running 
What do do when your coach sends you to steal 2nd base and the better hits a pop fly?

Ground ball in the infield, throw NOT in time, runner is called safe. Pitcher gets the ball back from the 1st baseman and enters the circle... runner that …

Starting pitcher goes from pitching to 1st base - 2 innings later same player returns to pitch - Does she get any warm-up pitches ?

Base running 
Runner A is on first base. Player B hits a fly ball to the outfield and it is dropped. In the process of running the bases, player B runs past player A …

With Runners on first and second and one out the home plate umpire calls ball for it is really bo3 and both Runners move up from first and second the second …

Softball Coach Fremont 
Why is pitcher Ellish for Texas allowed to have tape on the finger of throwing hand during College playoffs?

Hello, my 09 RH daughter plays in 10u and switched totally to the left side in July 2018 and has had slap hitting lessons for over a year. She does well …

bases awarded on a deadfall throw out of play 
bases loaded, ball is pitched and the catchers attempts to chase the runner on 3rd back to the base.. while doing this she throws the ball and it is deflected …

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Called out 
There are two outs with a runner on first. Pitcher pitches the ball, runner on first attempts to steal second. The batter foul tips the ball and the catcher …

Runner out 
A runner has been stopped on the second base by the second base defensive player with ball in hand. The defensive player on the second base then passes …

Designated Hitter at 10U 
Can you use a designated hitter in ASA rules 10U fast pitch softball? If yes, what are the limitations or where in the batting order do they bat? …

Does The Run Count 
The bases are loaded and there is one out. There is a flyball hit to right field that is caught for the 2nd out. The runner on third tags and advances …

On a forced out does the run count? 
Bases loaded two outs, ground ball to third base, the third basemen fields the ground ball and makes the force out at third (3rd out) the runner that started …

In fastpitch softball is the batter runner out going to first base she she stops or runs backwards to avoid a tag?

Baserunning through 1st 
Sent my twins to the local high school camp. During baserunning they were told that the batter runner must run through first and always turn right or they …

Age requiremnet 
I have a girl that wants to sub this fall but will be 15 in November. Is she able to sub or is her eligibility considered for next season. Im not sure …

Assistant Coach 
Hi: If a runner is on first base with less than two outs and a ball is hit to the second baseman can the runner go back to first base to avoid a tag and …

First Base Coach 
Bases loaded, 1 out, batter strikes out. The runner on first breaks for second base and is immediately called back sliding into first as the first baseman …

Fielder hit 
Batter hits the ball to third base and hits the girl in the head. Batter keeps running all the way home. All players,on the field go to the player who …

Scorebook / Record keeping with DP Flex 
When the DP is brought in to pitch, are the pitches recorded as her own, or do we continue to record pitches as though the starting pitcher is throwing? …

Thrown Bat 
Last night, in my daughter's 8u softball game, one of her teammates was called out for throwing the bat. Here is the situation: She had been warned 2 times …

Strike on no pitch? 
Yesterday in our game we had a hitter in the box and had 2 strikes on her. She asked for time and stepped out of the box. The pitcher did not throw a …

Hi I coach a little league team and we have a rule if the team is up by 10 runs no stealing. So I had a game where the other team was up by 15 runs which …

Just starting  
I have a daughter that is turning 14 in June and she wants to try softball. She has watched a couple of softball games but has never tired it. Is it too …

Best way to play 
I have 13 girls on my team . Several of them haven't ever played before . The other teams in our league have only ten players. My question is this what …

Umpire for middle school and high school softball games 
Are 11u-13u middle school softball players allowed to wear medal cleats in games or are they suppose to wear rubber cleats?

Questions to umpires 
My daughter is a high school freshman pitcher. In the middle of the inning switch, she approached the home plate umpire to ask where she was missing the …

Assistant coach, high school. 12u and 14u travel ball coach 
The front of the batters box is completely gone. I have umpires tell me they would never call a player out of the box with no line. Other umps say they …

High School Coach 
I only have two pitchers. Normally I would have the pitcher backup the catcher on a play at the plate. For safety precautions I would rather have another …

What should I do? 
I'm currently 13 and a few days away from being 14 I've "played" softball since I could pick up a bat, but never for a team. I've always just played in …

At what age level is it normal for a coach to call the pitches to his pitcher?

Team mom 
Can a runner on second base steal signs from the opposing catcher and relay them to their batter? 12u girls, fast pitch softball

Advice on hitting off coach only. waiting through girls pitches 
my granddaughter will strike out while waiting for the opportunity to hit off the coach (after 4 balls)... Any advice on this?

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Can a catcher tag a girl out standing on home plate with her mitt with a live ball in her free hand?

Baseball coach 
can the catcher call time out after ball four with runner on third in girls softball

How do I sign up for the leagues of 2017? Do you have age groups for 20 and above... if so, How do I sign up or speak to someone... And a listing …

Run Scoring Question 
Had unique situation occur in a 12U girls softball game. Umpire ruled that the run did NOT count, which I believe is correct. Situation and sequence …

Bases load force out 
Okay so bases are loaded ground ball to the pitcher with first base angle. The pitcher throw to first and the first baseman after stepping on the bag throw …

missing home plate 
The batter hits a 2 run homer over the fence. Coming to touch the plate she misses and is celebrating with her team. The home plate ump throws a new ball …

if a girl hits a homerun (out the park) but doesn't touch home plate on accident and then the catcher tags her with a different ball is she out?

Stealing base on a walk 
Can a girl steal a base on a walk

Batted ball hits scoreboard that is inside live ball territory.

Out at Homeplate 
Question: Grounder hit to pitcher (bases loaded) pitcher throws home catcher catches ball tags player on face part of the helmet. Ump called safe told …

8 u 3rd base coach 
If the pitcher walks 3 batters. With 1 out an she walks the 4th batter. Which makes the 3rd base runner a forced walk. Does it count as a score.

Pitcher needs mound time 
Hi my daughter is a pitcher on a decent team that has four other pitchers. So as you can guess her pitching time is limited. She is 12 going on 13 and …

Pitcher switching to metal cleat 
My daughter is a junior in high school and had always worn molded cleats. She wantsto switch to metal. What are pros and cons for a pitcher switching to …

Pitching rules 10U asa  
I am coaching my daughters team and we don't have any pitchers. My daughter looks ok when throwing, but has about a 10% chance of throwing a strike. We …

Coaches on the field 
During a defensive timeout how many coaches are allowed on the f ield?

First year of fastpitch softball ! ***** 
My coach started me at 3rd base , I'm good at throwing and running in on grounders , catching pop flies , line drives etc but I don't know where to throw …

how to sign up? 
how do we sign up to play?

Travel Softball Coach 10u 
What is your philosophy on playing the field? Should each girl play every position during a game? Should each girl play just one position? How often …

switching batters boxes 
Once you have two strikes on you can you switch hit?

Opponent Coaches Talking To Your Players 
I coach my first baseman to block the runners sight of the pitcher with her body without obstructing the basepath of the runner. The first base coach …

Foul ball question 
Ball hit oddly, good contact, but off end of bat . Ball pops up th wicked spin. Ball lands in fair territory near third bas line. Upon contact with ground, …

Interference question 
Runner on third, one out. Batter hit soft pop up near third base line. Runner immediately upon contact are four steps or so and then upon seeing pop up …

10u rules 
Can you steal second on a walk to first in 10u fastpitch softball?

Batter walks off 
Fast pitch softball if the batter walks off the field before they are done batting are they out. Also the next batter steps up to bat and three pitches …

Slap Hitting 
My daughter is a lefty slapper with above average speed. She has progressed to where she has had success the past 2 years. She made a new travel team last …

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Base running question 
runner on first steals second with a 1-1 count Same batter up count goes full _ runner on second with full count steals 3rd= pitch is a drop 3rd strike, …

softball fan 
On a dropped 3rd strike, 1 out, 1st base not occupied, batter walks almost to dugout, coach says run she takes off and makes it to 1st. at what point …

Tag out 
Can a first baseman tag a bag with his glove hand while holding the ball in the other hand and get the runner out?

Recreation Softball Teams 
Once they are on a team can they get moved to another team, for 10u recreation softball...

Is it too late to start playing softball and join a team at age 16? 
I'm just wondering. I really want to play softball but I have never tried it before. I'm currently 15 and will be turning 16 in a few months. I have read …

Runner on first batter hits ground ball to first baseman he steps on first base then throws to second base is this runner out by forced run or does this …

Which a better brand combat or demarini?

players eligibility 
If a player quits one team does that player have to be released from her current roster to play with another team?

My daughter has been playing ball for several years now, she played baseball for5 yrs, making the all star team every year, at twelve and thirteen she …

A pitcher has 3-0 count on a batter and a relief pitcher comes in and walks the batter whose responisble for that batter—starting pitcher or the relief …

softball dad 
When it comes to travel softball, what is your philosophy on keeping a team together from year to year versus constantly cutting players to upgrade with …

Positions during practice  
What is the most effective way for a girl to practice. Should practice consist of ALL girls running outfield and infield drills? For instance, we have …

im scared of batting  
ok, so when I'm up to bat. I will see the pitch and it scares me so I only swing at the bad pitches. I do not know what to do. I freeze up. Help?

Defensive bunt rotation; runners 1st and 3rd, 0 or 1 out 
What is the best defensive rotation on a bunt situation with runners on 1st and 3rd with 0 or 1 outs.

former recreational player 
Why do some batters run at the pitched ball?

Catcher Calling Time to Prevent the Steal 
Can a catcher call time after a walk? Since the stealing 2nd rule is in play, can she call time and walk out to the pitcher and runner has to stay on …

3rd Baseman 
Should 3rd baseman follow the runner down the line or remain at her base when they are trying to steal home?

Third out on appeal, does run count? 
Runners on second and third-one out. Fly ball to left, the ball is caught. Both runners tag and advance. The runner on second left early: we appeal and …

What happens to batter 
What happens to the batter if a player is caught stealing for the 3rd out of an inning? Does the batter lead off the next inning?

How many bases can you steal in ASA 12u girls softball?

hitting a rise ball 
Should you stand back in the box on a rise ball or do you move up and try to hit it before it rises

Softball mom 
My daughter is learning to slap bunt and only had a few lessons- her teacher is having her step back with her left foot rather than over. Is there more …

Coach Schubarth 
I have been looking for a straight answer on icing pitcher and catchers arms along with catchers knees. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? I've seen answers …

Grandma Fan 
Can an ump change his call..........This is how it played out Runner on first leads off, batter hits, caught by second base, they throw to 1st, the runner …

bobbysox manager 
In-field fly rule: When the batter is called out but the fielder actually dropped the ball, do the base runners have to tag up or can they continue running …

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Qualifing Tourney 
How can I make my tourney a asa qualifier

Umpire Call 
What happens when their are no out and there is no one on base and you hit the ball and run to first but the first base man catches it hold it for like …

Asst. Softball Coach 
Does anyone do award stickers for helmets in their fastpitch high school teams. If so, what are some ideas for what different awards other teams use.

You make the call 
2 outs, runner at third. Ball gets away from the catcher but she regains control of it and is interfered with by the batter ,as she attempts to tag the …

Pitcher vs. Clueless Coach 
I have a dilemma and need advice. My daughter is 14. She has been playing softball-and loving it-since she could walk. She decided at the age of 10 that …

Ice Pitcher's Arm 
At a recent Pitching Lesson, Abby's coach recommended Shoulder and Elbow Ice for 20mins after an hour of pitching. I can't disagree with the idea! What …

Pitching or Hitting POWER DRIVE 
Has any one used one? If so Pros and Cons! Thank You Paul

Fielding Mechanics 
Which is the better way to field ground balls in infield? Moving glove out to ball or pulling ball to chest? For balls that have stopped moving in the …

can r1 take second if pitcher places ball between her knees to fix her hair? on a 3rd strike the ball hits the catcher's knee guard and is kicked by …

Over throw rule 
Runner1 on 1st fly hit to right center runner 3/4 way to 2nd when ball drops in runner1 rounds 2nd when center fielder releases throw runner then returns …

Riddle Me This: Metal Cleats or Rubber Cleats 
My daughter is in 12u. She is a pitcher. What should I be looking for in a cleat? Thank You Paul J. Muelrath

Legal/Illegal Composite Bats 
I picked up an Easton bat over the summer for my daughter. I was very excited about seeing her hit with a composite bat. I see them used everywhere. She …

Pitching Mat 
There are a number of pitching mats online. I am having no luck finding on in a retail store. What should I look for in a portable pitching mat? Are there …

in the batters box 
Why do coaches tell girlswomendo not move their front foot when there is a inside or outside pitch,Girls in college hit foul balls when they don't …

What is the call? 
Full count rt hand batter, 10u, ball is pitched and obvious ball high and on rt side of home plate. Batter steps across home plate as the ball passes and …

Assitant Coach and father to a fastpitch softball pitcher. 
My daughter who has been pitching for 5 years now is pretty good. What I'm trying to find is a good outline/plan for working out to build her core strength, …

Defensive time outs 
How many defensive timeouts per inning may be had without penalty to the pitcher?

Pitching Motion 
In fast pitch softball, is the pitcher required to start their pitch with both feet on the pitching rubber and not allowed to step back towards second …

softball fast pitcher  
my daughter was under a coach that tried to make her have speed before she could throw strikes. What can I do to bring her back to her throwing in …

a batted ball, line drive, strikes the pitcher and then bounces between short and third and hits a baserunner advancing from second to third. What …


Difference between a strike and a ball. 
My daughter plays 12 and under fastpitch. She has problems knowing if the pitch is a ball or a strike soon enough to either swing or lay off the pitch. …

infielders and outfielders 
When you switch out outfielders after the first inning do you switch out the infielders too?

If you hit the ball to the outfield and you were told to run and look second base but then you run to second is that a double.

catching helmet 
Daughter high school catcher sustained concussion from foul ball into mask. need to replace helmet. What is the opinion regarding best helmet out …

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Coach Ro 
I am coaching a T Ball team, ages 4 1/2 - 5 yrs. I have previously been told that infielders' ready position is with the tip of the glove down, specifically …

cutoffs and relays 
Who is the cutoff person for a relay from the outfield?


earned runs 
If a player gets on base and scores on an error is that an unearned run?

getting into softball 
i know this has nothing to do with fastpitch but i am a freshemen in high school and im trying to get into softball but i have no skills in softball …

Does run count? 
Runners on 1st and 3rd, one out. Batter hits fly out to left. Runner on third tags and scores. Runner on first thinks there are two outs and heads …

What is a drag bunt? 
what is drag bunt?

batter is out 
when is a batter out? is she out when she bunts a ball and drops the bat into fair territory,and the ball hits the bat in fair territory?

Catchers thumb 
My daughter is 16 and catches for a very good pitchers. She is having problems with her catching thumb. She is using a thumb guard now. We have had …

Middle school coach 
I have a roster of 16-18 girls this year. What are the basic substitution rules? ARe there a minimum number of at bats or outs they must play? If …

Coach Billy 
What size soft ball do 12u use?

Summer travel coach and dad 
My daughter is a sophomore in high school and a good player but she has a problem when hitting with what some call "happy feet". She will get set …

Everyone throws differently, and just like every other player, I throw up over my shoulder like I was taught. Well, my dad is the one who taught me …

QUESTION: Handling a Runner on Third & Walked Batter 

pitching gloves 
Is the new black muzno alright to use in high school pitching?

I need to know EVERYTHING there is to know about softball. The Positions, How many fouls and outs you can get, What happens if it goes out of the field, …

softball mom 
What are the requirements to play A fastpitch? My daughter's only downfall is her running speed. She is eleven yrs old will she be able to advance …

Catcher's equipment 
Is softball and baseball catcher's gear alike?

good coaching 
Hi, my name is Jerika Shelton and i was wondering if you could help me and my team with coaching. our coaches do nothing but bring us down and then …

Hitting Problems 
Hitting problems?? my daughter has very good bat speed hardly ever gets fooled on pitches nevers swings and misses but cannot make solid contact on …

Metal Cleats in ASA Softball 
Please clarify the rules pertaining to metal cleats in ASA girls\youth fastpitch softball as of September 2011 thank you

What is the standard positions for third base? 
Where do tell your third baseman to set up to play third base on any play?

Not Ready To Hang up the Cleats 
I played softball ever since I can remember. I was lucky enough to get to play college softball for 4 years on a very good team. Well I have just graduated …

Where do the infielders cover on a bunt?

covering second  
Who covers second on a steal from 1st to 2nd. ......shortstop or second baseman?

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Fielder's Mask 
Are 1st & 3rd base required to wear a fielders mask? ASA ruling?

Both a Pitcher & Outfielder  
My daughter (12 years old) was told by her coach (summer league) that she is a great oufielder because she can catch a fly ball & cover a lot of area. …

Asst. Coach  
I help coach a 10u travel team. It is my daughter's first year. The head coach had told all of the parents that he was going to bring in another player …

A pitcher makes a very loud noise, that she tries to make come off as a grunt. She makes this noise well after the pitch is delivered, when the batter …

Rotational vs Linear Batting 
My daughter has been a rotational hitter all her life. She is 16 now. On her JV High School team she batted .417. I switched her to a new travel team …

scoring substitutions 
how do i record subs in scorebook?

hi I was just wondering about the call on a game when its raining and the pitcher cant grip the ball can the coaches dry the ball for their pitcher,keep …

Postioning of Player 
We are in our first year of girls stealing bases and playing dropped third strike. The first game saw a total of 4 hit yet 35 runs were scored. Girl …

Is this a strike? 
10U girls fastpitch softball game, batter has two strikes, ball hits her hand and goes to the backstop. I assume it is a foul ball as hands are part …

concerned mom 
My daughter's softball coach (Bantam age 15) insists on her catching behind a batter while using a pitching machine. She's been hit in the head three …

My daughter is a pitcher. Can she have a towel on the field to wipe her hands on or wipe the ball off in case it's wet (from the rain)? If so does …

How to defend stealing? 
Girls softball 11-13 age group. Situation: Runner on third, no outs, girl at plate gets ball 4 and the ball is thrown back to the pitcher in the circle. …


Leading off base.. 
When is the base runner to leave base on an attempted stolen base?? Pitcher begins rotation of a pitch or when ball leaves pitchers hand?

new coach 
When should I have my 3rd basemen play in? Have seen alot of teams play their 3rd basemen all the time with shortstop playing in too. Seems to me leave … 
Why does the base ump station himself/herself behind the SS with runners on base and still think that he/she can call a close play at 1st base correctly??? …

How do you put force into your pitch to make the softball fast?

2 on 1 out 
2 ladies on 1 out.A pop to left field.a catch.lady at 3rd tags and scores.lady at 2nd doesnt tag.shes caught almost on third base.Ball is thrown to …

When you play softball its not about winning all the time is it? I was told that its not about winning its about "team sportsmanship".

Positions Substitutions 
Can you switch out defensive positions any time of the game? Not subs, but people already playing in positions.

Getting the out 
When there's a girl at 1st and 3rd with one out and it's hit to 2nd base where would I throw to get the out as a 2nd base player?

How many players are on a fastpitch softball team, 9 or 10?

Coach 7 year old team 
How to line up players on the field?

Runner for Catcher 
What are your thoughts about always putting in a runner for your catcher or pitcher? My daughter is a 12U catcher, and last year, she rarely got the …

I'm a fast pitch softball pitcher. I'm 11, and really good. What are some things I can do in the winter for drills? I'm trying to practice winding …

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Coach Kaje 
When the 1st baseman is right handed and playing even or up with the bag, how do they get to the bag? Do they spin around or drop step to base? Are …

Need Help 
I live in Palos Heights. My daughter is 10. Recreation department ball has no challenge. I'm looking for a team who is looking for a good player. …

Infield Footwork-To spin glove side or not to spin gloveside? 
There is great debate here on infield footwork. To spin glove side or not to spin gloveside. Working the round the horn drill, home to 1st to 2nd …

What is the right play? 
What is the correct action in the outfield?? A line drive to right field, no outs, should right fielder if possible make a play at first or throw …

Lefty Granddaughter throws hard, 42-43 mph, age 11. Needs control work. I say control first then speed, Most everyone else says speed first.

Coach Billy Not rated yet
What size soft ball do 12u use?

Student Not rated yet
1.When two outs are made on one play it is called a(n _______ 2.The ball must bounce on the ________ and be at least _____ feet high to be a strike …

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