Sports Mama

by Nicole Esparza
(Santa Clarita)

For my family this is what we love. The kids love to compete and have a passion for the game.

For my boys, it's has been hockey, football and baseball. My daughter is doing softball and it includes travel ball. It's the game or practice itself that makes it worth it to my kids. I've seen them build better self-confidence through atheltic sucess. My husband and I truly enjoy watching them play.

For us sports fans it's not boring or a inconvience to watch our kids work hard with their team and push. The scholarships are great if offered, but just getting to play is pretty awesome too. If you really love the game!

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I agree with you, Anonymous
by: Dan

If travel sports becomes a "job" your child will drop out. It should always be about the fun of playing. It is the parent's job to make sure the child is safe, but I would also say it should be the coach's #1 priority. If it is not, and winning surpasses it in importance, which results in over-extending the child, then the coach has lost his/her way. Winning is fun, but should not be at the expense of the child. Over-extending can sometime get lost in the excitement of the moment, but it is incumbent on th ecoach to always try to keep that focus.

The Follow up is from Sports Mama
by: Sports Mama

Experience brings awareness and knowledge.

Follow up
by: Anonymous

Through all these travel experiences, I've been enlightened.
Although is can be great there is issues.. They are children
And I've seen overuse and injuries.. My kids have remained
Healthy and its a parents job to keep it that way. It's healthy
to let them be kids. If they are going to play in college that will
become a job. Let them enjoy it and don't let anyone take the
Fun out of it. Working hard and practicing is always important.
If the natural talent is there its there. Youth sports have changed and you can't push too hard. They are kids..

It's About the Passion
by: Dan


Thank you for your note. I agree with you. It is about the passion the kids have for playing these sports that make it worthwhile.


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